Thousands of candidates can take their examinations in large numbers using our technology, which supports candidates taking exams on both desktop and mobile devices.

Yes. As the Super administrator, you have the privilege of adding other system users to your account platform, assigning them their respective roles.

It will depend on how often you want to use the system.

If you are planning on using Lucid Exams on a regular basis, our professional package will be the best plan for you, as it is ideal for regular system users

For occasional users, you can buy credit packages which are available for a short period of time. Each package has a number of credits. If it happens you credit get used up or expire, you can top up your credit.

Yes, it is possible to cancel subscription. You can terminate it whenever you want. For the duration of your existing monthly plan, your account will continue to be active. Then, to continue at a later stage, you can upgrade once more in the future at any moment.

You can upgrade your subscription package to a higher package anytime necessary.

Yes, Lucid Exams does have a refund policy for its system users. We hold a 30 to 60 days refund policy. For more details on our refund policy, please see our Terms and Conditions.

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